New moon magic

moon sliverNew year, new moon, new beginnings! Whether you love left brain logic or right brain whimsy, it’s pretty cool to start 2014 with a new lunar phase!

Astronomically, this means the moon is closest to the sun; they share the same ecliptical longitude. I doubt if ancient Hebrews knew this geek speak when they began each month on the new moon, or if science was behind the purely lunar Islamic calendar. But the nearly invisible nighttime crescent continues to play a huge role in Hindu, Chinese and so many other cultures. People all over the world wait for the waning moon to disappear and re-emerge in its waxing cycle before launching projects, starting journeys, setting goals.

For astrologers – who see all things lunar as our subconscious, while solar reveals our ego – the new moon brings the two together. For one day a month, we can peek inside our inner dreams and pull them into being. Goethe must have been under the new moon influence when he wrote, “Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.”

That a new moon welcomes us into 2014 is certainly a sign of genius, power and magic. It urges us to think about what’s important, to bring it into action. Some people might be making resolutions. But me? I’m going to embrace tonight’s new moon and embark on a New Year filled with love, compassion, connection and peace.

What is your lunar intention?

Phases of the Moon

2 thoughts on “New moon magic

  1. Merry is this lunar calendar accurate? I thought it looked like too long of a month cycle and another source says new moon on the 30th, not the 31st! It show the 29th as only 1 % visible, 30th 0% and the 31st 3%.

    • Hi Neil, everything I have shows the new moon was on Jan. 1. Happy to say there’s another one on Jan. 30, so it’s really a month of hope and change! These “super moons” bring lots of great energy. Not sure why our sources show different days, but either way I hope it is a good start to 2014 for all of us!

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