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“My sixth grade class loved this book. They were very inspired, and are thinking more about their actions and words. Thank you for bringing Peace Pilgrim into our lives.” Lauren Griffin, Teacher, Lakewood, NJ

“Merry Brennan draws deeply on historic events from Peace Pilgrim’s life and augments her story with skillfully crafted fictional characters that offer additional perspectives on her life and legacy. Readers both young and old will be captivated and inspired by this amazing story of an extraordinary woman and her incredible journey of peace.”   Bruce Nichols, Friends of Peace Pilgrim Board Member

Imagine giving up everything you own and walking across the country … for 28 years? Welcome to the story of Peace Pilgrim (1908-1981). With only the clothes on her back and no money, she crossed the U.S. seven times on foot, spreading her message of peace in schools, churches, jails, truck stops or wherever the road took her. She lived off the land and the kindness of those she met. She slept outdoors, in bus stations, in parked cars and, once, on the front seat of a fire engine in Tombstone, Arizona. Whenever she ran into trouble – physical or verbal – her sole response was love. Peace Pilgrim touched tens of thousands of lives, one step at a time.
Never heard of her? Read the book and you’ll never forget her!

  • This biographical novel includes photos, a glossary and Reader’s Guide for classroom and book club use.
  • Fits historical fiction, anti-bullying and women’s role model themes.
  • Aimed at ‘tweens and teens, her story will inspire readers of all ages.


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Recent Posts

Freedom from our stories

Sean, 4, fishing on Rideau CanalSorry. It’s a trick headline. You might think I mean the power of tales to ignite independence, especially since we Americans are celebrating the Fourth.

But actually I’m obsessing a bit over the stories that keep us trapped.

It started with my youngest son Seán. For years, he was convinced that his big brother was a bully. He had elaborate recollections of how Ciarán – for no reason at all – tormented, wrestled, pinned and made him cry. The older he got, the more the memories magnified. Then this Mother’s Day, we watched some long-forgotten videos that their dad dug up and transferred onto DVDs.

In one hilarious segment, six-year-old Ciarán is playing with Seán, then three. Out of the blue, Seán sucker punches his brother, pulls him down onto the carpet and jumps on top of him. Ciarán is momentarily stunned, then giggles. He stands, helps his little brother up and leans in to hug him. Just as quickly, Seán barrels forward to head-butt his target again. And when Ciarán rises a second time and decides to run away, the ever-tactical Seán slides in front so his brother trips over him and crashes onto the floor once more.

I don’t know whether I got a bigger kick out of watching the footage, or watching Seán, who was so shocked he uttered, “Wow, I’ve had it wrong all this time.”

But it also got me thinking. Of course Ciarán snuck in his share of knocks over the years, but certainly not enough to do what it did to Seán’s psyche. Yet we all – as individuals, tribes, nations – have these ingrained narratives.

My sons Ciaran &  Sean

Some, indeed, can launch liberty, link generations and kindle love. But many fuel resentments and perpetuate conflict. And that’s why I think we need freedom from our stories.

So, here’s to sifting through our tales – personal and global – and releasing the ones that keep us locked in. That’s real independence, and peace.

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