Peace Pilgrim: walking her talk against hate (Reader Reviews)

Peace Pilgrim: walking her talk against hateBook cover: Peace Pilgrim -- walking her talk against hate

A biographical novel for middle-grade readers and up.

“My sixth grade class loved this book. They were very inspired, and are thinking more about their actions and words. Thank you for bringing Peace Pilgrim into our lives.”
Lauren Griffin, Teacher, Ella G. Clarke School, Lakewood, NJ

“Merry Brennan draws deeply on historic events from Peace Pilgrim’s life and augments her story with skillfully crafted fictional characters that offer additional perspectives on her life and legacy. Readers both young and old will be captivated and inspired by this amazing story of an extraordinary woman and her incredible journey of peace.”
Bruce Nichols, Friends of Peace Pilgrim Board Member

Here’s what some other readers are saying. What is YOUR opinion?

“Great read, simple yet compelling. The content of this book is one that the world needs more of. Inspirational to know that one person truly can make a difference.”

“Wonderful read! Merry Brennan brings to life the inspiring story of Peace Pilgrim, who walked across the US many times for peace. The story is easy for young people to follow, but with plenty of details to keep adults reading. All can find inspiration in this lovely story.”

“Amazing must read. This book must be shared with all young children to be inspired to make the world a better place. Love it!”

 “Wonderful, important, loving. Thank you, Merry Brennan, for sharing the story of this wonderful, brave woman who lived love and literally walked her talk. The book is accessible and entertaining while delivering its important, timely yet timeless message!”

“This is a gift to share with our children and grandchildren. I believe all who read this book will be inspired by Peace Pilgrim’s journey and will hopefully find a way to continue spreading her message of peace and love.

“Attention Teachers & Peacemakers. Merry Brennan’s informative biography of the life of Peace Pilgrim provides a real life lesson of the power of one. Dedicated to the spread of non-violence as a solution, Peace Pilgrim traveled 25,000 miles around the US delivering her message. This book would be a perfect addition to US history studies for middle grades and higher. Well written and inspiring.”

“Inspiring. This is a wonderful book for parents to share with their children. The life lessons within this extraordinary story are invaluable at any age. Thank you for the enjoyable story telling and the inspiration!”

“Peace Pilgrim Has Lessons for Everyone. Merry Brennan’s Peace Pilgrim biographical novel has insightful lessons for everyone at every age. The lessons of courage, respect, integrity, perseverance, and love in the quest for peace are readily understood and inspiring. The lessons are integral to the story and are not preachy. The readability level, which combines simple, straightforward language and highly interesting content, is perfectly tailored for ‘tweens and teens and could be easily integrated into a school’s regular or remedial curriculum. For us at the Jersey Shore, that interest is compounded by the depiction of an original Jersey Girl, just like its author.”

“Encouraging. Brennan makes a good case for the possible effect one person can have in a complicated world. This is an easily read but compelling story. Enjoy it!”



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